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Joseph Reeves
IT Development Officer

tel: +44(0)1865 980769
fax: +44(0)1865 793496
email: joseph.reeves at oadigital.net


Joseph deals with the communication of digital data.  This covers a deliberately wide range of subjects; network design and maintenance, IP telephony and multimedia applications to name but a few. Within OA Digital, Joseph develops novel methods of communicating digital data with remote parties; mobile GIS, on-site recording and rapid surveying methods are just some examples.

Joseph gained a Masters degree with Distinction in Archaeology from Cardiff University in 2006. His dissertation, following an undergraduate study the year before, focused upon the various methods of archaeological dissemination currently employed in southern Romania. This work demonstrated that multivocal accounts of the past are made possible by employing a range of media, digital and otherwise, to reach your intended audience. Joseph has undertaken other independent research projects covering a diverse range of subjects that include GIS interogations of phenomenology and methods of dealing with the past within a Web 2.0 environment.  

Advancing the position of portable recording devices within both archaeology and related disciplines, Joseph has recently contributed to a range of projects including gvSIG, Openmoko and One Laptop Per Child. Joseph is also working with IOSA.it to develop and promote the TOPS application. 

Joseph takes responsibility for the hardware developments and sales undertaken by OA Digital and continues to work closely wth various partners to provide the most appropriate technologies to our clients.  

Joseph is a firm believer in Open Source Software, Open Standards and Open Data. He works to promote Oxford Archaeology's Open Archaeology initiative and has contributed to a number of other projects. 

Browse our Research section for some of his recent papers and presentations.


Publications (incomplete)

Reeves, J. & Hølleland, H. 2007. Nonsense in the field: methods towards an open past. Nicolay Arkeologisk Tidsskrift 102. 83-88.


Reeves, J. 2006. Accidental community archaeology: reflexive publishing within the newspapers of southern Romania. Nicolay Arkeologisk Tidsskrift 99. 40-47.