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After a period of testing and product evaluation OA Digital is proud to be a reseller of Duraflex Comfort and Mini keyboards, available with either a standard USB plug or an OA specced USB mini-B connector. We have found the Duraflex range to be the perfect accompaniment to the Openmoko FreeRunner in a wide range of circumstances; the strength of this product, however, lies in it's immense versatility.

The Duraflex keyboards are ruggedised, roll-up and waterproof; they are both IP65 certified and their ergonomic construction allows them to be used for extended periods of time. Designed for tough environments, they are suitable for industrial applications and exposure to dust, water and a range of chemical agents. Typing comfort is also a feature of the keyboards; the soft-touch keys and low height from the working surface reduces the risk of developing RSI. Duraflex keyboards are perfect for use in environments where dirt and liquids would be hazardous to your equipment, or where your equipment needs to be kept clean for health and safety reasons.

keyboard rolled up

The keys on the Hela keyboard have a positive action that allow for fast and precise keystrokes. They are therefore as equally suited to desk based workers as they are for those in more challenging physical environments. They are also particularly suited to deployment in situations such as public kiosks, or for people who want to use a full keyboard in a cramped environment.

When rolled up, the Hela keyboards easily fit into a laptop bag or large pocket and can be transported without risk of damaging them. Perfect for outdoor applications, the keyboard can be unrolled and deployed as required.

The Duraflex Mini shares all the features of the Comfort, but comes without the number pad; it is therefore smaller than the Comfort and rolls into a smaller sized package.

Both keyboards are available with either a PS2, USB or USB mini-B connector and are compatible with all major operating systems.

Side by side comparisonSide by side comparison of a regular keyboard and a Duraflex model, demonstrating the low height from the working surface.