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OA Digital are pleased to announce that we have now begun offering comprehensive mobile data capture and review software for Android powered handheld devices and your choice of database back-ends. This service enables field workers to collect a variety of data, synchronise it with a central database and review records or amendments produced by others. Such a service is particularly suitable for data collection and review, but can also be integrated into  process management systems and mobile GIS applications.

We provide a version of Imperial College London's EpiCollect software customised to your mobile data collection and review needs; the application already supports data collection in fields of your choice, photographic recording and GPS location tagging.  Further features can be added to the software, providing a range of possible services. We ensure that the application synchronises with your existing data infrastructure, or with a system designed to meet your needs. We will also be pleased to discuss hosting arrangements for you if your infrastructure is not suitable for the task.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss the possibilities of our mobile recording system. OA Digital staff have a proven track record in mobile deployment,  GIS application development and database design and maintenance; we are more than happy to discuss leveraging these skills for your next mobile application.