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The Portable GIS package has passed its 2000th download, with almost half of those since the much-improved version 2 release. Portable GIS is developed as the personal project of OA Digital staff member Jo Cook (aka Archaeogeek) and is free to download for personal use, but is offered by OA Digital as an Enterprise Edition, with full customisation, bulk deployment and a guaranteed Service Level Agreement. For more information see the Portable GIS pages here.

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Today, we are please to provide (some) relieve for all open source GIS addicts. Following on the heels of the official gvSIG 1.9 release, we are preparing for the release of gvSIG OA Digital Edition 2010.

A beta version is now available that includes all new features of gvSIG 1.9, a number of extensions and much more.

Go to the gvSIG 2010 OADE beta release page and grab your copy today!

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xbones thumbnail We are pleased to release an updated version of the great little Crossbones tool.

Originally developed by  Leif Isaksen for Oxford Archaeology, Crossbones is both an efficient method and a smart bit of software that makes rapid surveying and visualisation of dense skeletal assemblages a snap.

Go here to find out more and download the software.

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OA Digital are pleased to announce the release of Portable GIS version 2, which now comes with enterprise-level support. Portable GIS is a full suite of desktop and web-based GIS packages that runs entirely on a USB stick, enabling it to be deployed rapidly and without setup or configuration in a variety of situations, from research to disaster management. If you would like support deploying this in your organisation, including customisation and branding, then click here for more details.

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GPS and shapefileOA Digital is proud to announce the release of gvSIG Mobile for Openmoko. The application has been written by Juan Lucas Dominguez Rubio in collaboration with OA Digital and represents an important development in the field of mobile GIS. Juan Lucas has provided further details on his personal website, the application installer is hosted by OA Digital.

Development of gvSIG Mobile for Openmoko will continue; OA Digital are able to provide customised versions of the application as well as integrating it within your existing or planned spatial workflows. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding gvSIG Mobile or mobile GIS.

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