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The following is a list of presentations that have been given at international conferences and other events by various members of OA Digital's staff.

Please get in contact with us if you would like to use any of our material in your own presentation or paper.



Ducke 2010b: Computer Vision: Efficient Open Source Tools for 3D Recording (Granada, Spain).
An introduction to open source computer vision tools and their use in archaeology (for 3D reconstruction and photogrammetry). Presented at the International CAA Conference in Granada.


Ducke 2010a: B. Ducke, Science Without Software no Longer (London, UK).
A look at how the open source paradigm relates to good scientific practice. With a focus on reproducibility of research and results. Presented at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London.

Reeves & Ducke 2009: The Open Archaeology Research Initiative: 3D Site Documentation, Ubiquitous Computing and Geospatial Infrastructures (Torquay, UK).
A description of two mobile applications developed for use within archaeological practice; Digisite and mobile GIS. Presented to the annual IFA Conference, Torquay.


Ducke 2008b: B. Ducke, Free and Open Source GIS for Landscape Archaeology. Development and Applications (Frankfurt, Germany).
An in-depth presentation about open source software in landscape archaeology. Contains general information on FOSS in research as well as case studies based on GRASS GIS.


Ducke 2008a: B. Ducke, Open Source Desktop GIS for Mission-critical Deployment -- the story so far (Oxford, UK).
Criteria for selection of a FOSS deskop GIS client, overview of available projects, gvSIG features showcase.


Ducke 2007: B. Ducke, Open Source Investment Schemes and Micro Investment (Vienna, Austria).
A short presentation that outlines how people and organizations "strapped for cash" can still make a difference in software development and getter better return-on-investment based on FOSS technology.