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A set of modular packages designed and configured to work together to create not only geospatial web applications but fully featured geospatial frameworks. Seamlessly link your data, your desktop GIS, and your web mapping application together for maximum control, interoperability, and flexibility.

Rather than constrain you to a single software vendor or package, geospatial stacks provided by OA Digital are designed to be as flexible as possible, working with your existing systems where necessary, and giving you the control over your data. Open standards and ultimate flexibility at every level of the stack mean that you can choose the modules that work for you and your work flow, rather than forcing you to change your work flows to suit the software. 

OpenLayers and Mapfish: Show your data to the world

Javascript web mapping, overlaying your data on any of the leading mapping services (Google, Microsoft Virtual Earth, Yahoo, NASA World Wind, Ordnance Survey), or any standards-compliant Web Mapping Service. No need to be tied to one supplier.

Key Advantages:

  • Pure JavaScript interfaces mean no additional software on your web server.
  • Simple coding to add new layers to your maps- no costly re-coding.

GeoServer/Mapserver: Serve your data with control and flexibility

Let mapserver or geoserver translate your data on-the-fly to standards-compliant web services. Allow access from desktop or web, controlling who can edit, with no more duplication of data or version control issues.

Key Advantages:

  • Data served as web services can be controlled from a single location, but accessed anywhere there's a web connection. Even desktop GIS such as ArcMap can access it at the same time as you're serving it to your web mapping application.
  • In-built security means some people can see only a read-only version whereas others can edit data (and others have no access at all).
  • Whether your data is raster images, shapefiles, or in a database, it can all be served in the same way.

GvSIG/Quantum GIS/GRASS: Desktop and Workstation GIS for all requirements and skills

There's no need to restrict your stack to web-based applications. Choose one of our recommended standards-based GIS packages and gain all the functionality of costly proprietary alternatives with no vendor lock-in or licensing concerns. Packages are available for all levels of skill and requirements.

Key Advantages:
  • Standards compliance means your data is compatible with all your clients or colleagues.
  • Gain full desktop GIS functionality for a fraction of the cost of the proprietary alternatives.
The OADigital Approach
We will work with your existing systems and work flows and establish a stack that works best for you. We will install, configure and test all the packages, and make sure you understand them. We can train your staff in how to run them, to avoid costly on-going service costs, but if you'd prefer to have expert help available we can arrange a support contract that suits your needs.