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Start your open source engines!

Thinking about installing and maintaining an open source software solution?

We can offer you a broad range of services around:
  • Deploying open source software on your desk and across your organization.
  • Migrating data out of proprietary systems and into open data formats and open source applications.
  • Redesigning work-flows around open source software.
  • Providing help desk support for users.
  • Making modifications to existing open source applications to better suit your needs or improve integration with legacy closed source applications.

The transition to open source can be as smooth and gradual as you require. Closed source applications can be integrated and co-exist until open source replacements have been found. The migration can be done at a pace that allows users to cope with it. Even an incomplete transition to open source solutions can unlock a lot of flexibility.

Contact us about any help you may require for deploying open source solutions.

Also make sure to take a look at our Training and Consulting services.

Let's go!