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Kickstart your research with free and open source solutions

Getting lost in the wide world of open source data analysis and GIS tools? Let us help you navigate and find the solutions that are optimal for your research project.

Rather than spending your resources on re-inventing wheels and redundant software evaluation, let us help you focus on your research question by finding the right tools for the job!

At OA Digital, we have extensive experience using GIS and quantitative data analysis tools, particularly in archaeology, history and geosciences. We can advise you on finding the right open source solutions for research tasks related to:

  • GIS, digital mapping and spatial analysis
  • exploratory and spatial statistics
  • archaeological intrasite analysis
  • subsurface and 3D modelling
  • landscape analysis
  • remote sensing
  • archaeological resource management
  • data visualization and exploration
  • networked data processing and workflow solutions
  • digital recording devices and field data capture

We can also create customized solutions and data processing tools for tasks that are not easily done out-of-the-box with most GIS systems. If there is an open source geoprocessing tool that does not quite do what you need it to, we will be able to modify it to better suit your needs!

We encourage you to consider open source software for scientific analysis and to include an open source training and development budget in your research project. Remember that software is knowledge and the reproducibility and long-term availability of your digital research will be defined by the openness of the components you use.

Contact us if you need help designing a research project that involves GIS and you would like advise on the use of open source components.

Zoom in on your research!