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OA Digital offers training on a wide range of software platforms and tasks.

Our course offers are designed to appeal to business and academic users alike. We have designed a number of "modules", suitable for different needs and skill levels. We are always flexible about course content and length, and can either come to you, or host the training ourselves. Contact us to arrange a training programme that suits your needs.

Example courses:

2 days: 4 modules (GIS fundamentals, Desktop GIS, Statistical Analysis, Web Mapping)

1 day: 2 modules (Basic desktop GIS, Advanced desktop GIS)

In our philosophy, good software training means that participants will acquire solid, transferable skills instead of being reduced to understanding only the interface of a specific application. This will allow them to easier migrate their skills from one platform to another or to use different applications in concert, both of which are crucial skills in the ever faster changing world of computing.

Ideally, open source training and software development go hand-in-hand to create open software infrastructures and transferable user skills.


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