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OA Digital's web mapping training will take you from data collection to displaying an interactive map on a website using the products we support in our geospatial stack. We offer two versions of this course- 0.5 days and 1 day.

The short course will go through the basics of web mapping, from setting up a web mapping server to creating a simple online map of your data in OpenLayers. Participants are welcome to bring their own data, or can use ours. We explore the different base mapping datasets available, from google mapping to OpenStreetMap, and discuss sources of freely available data that you might use.

The longer course explores web mapping servers in more detail, and demonstrates some of the other web mapping applications available. Participants will have the opportunity to create more sophisticated online maps of their data using OpenLayers with the mapfish framework.

These courses are suitable for people with a basic understanding of GIS concepts, but no prior understanding of web mapping is required. Our desktop GIS training would be a good starting point!

 At a glance

Recommended for: Users with a basic understanding of GIS fundamentals
Contents: Introduction to web mapping servers and services, creating an online map
Skills needed: Some knowledge of creating websites would be useful but not essential


Web Mapping Demo