Here are some links to examples of our work. If you have any questions about the technologies used, don't hesitate to contact us.

Web-based Mapping:

The Oxford Archaeology archaeological sites map (demo) is a complex example using all components of our Geospatial stack to display and query data from a PostgreSQL database, using Web Mapping Services (WMS and WFS),and advanced javascript search functionality. Unfortunately it is now an internal only application and can not be accessed from outside Oxford Archaeology network.

The Gazetteer of Roman Kilns in Great Britain uses Featurserver, Mapfish, PostgreSQL and OpenLayers to display Roman kiln sites on a map and allow users to query them. Advanced wms strategies have been used to allow the display of large numbers of features and to allow querying of multiple features with the same spatial coordinates.


The Gallo-Belgic Pottery Database is a dynamic website created to preserve the and share the expertise of the UK's leading specialist in pottery of this period; with a particular focus on the stamps and marks of potters in branding their work.

Location-Aware Services:

OA Digital are developing Location-aware services for mobile phones, currently targetting the Openmoko and Android platforms. We have produced a simple example base on historic mapping of Oxford city centre.