The current version is gvSIG OA Digital Edition 2010, 1.0. Please consult the NEWS.txt file for a summary of important changes between versions. We no longer support older versions of gvSIG and strongly recommend all users to upgrade.


Download the installer file for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 (ca. 290 MB): HTTP (Bern, CH), FTP (Oxford, UK)


Download the installer file for Linux (ca. 250 MB): HTTP (Bern, CH), FTP (Oxford, UK)

The Linux installer has been tested on Ubuntu 6.06, 9.10 and 10.4. Please let us know if you are using a different Linux distribution and encounter any problems. Note that you may have to set the "executable" attribute on the installer file and launch it from the shell. To do so, start your Linux terminal, change into the directory where you stored the installer file and issue these commands:

chmod u+x


Mac OS X

Download the ZIP file with the installer (ca.265 MB): HTTP (Bern, CH), FTP (Oxford, UK)

Note: this software no longer runs on PowerPC Macs.


If you wish, you can download both the OA Digital Quickstart Guide and the OA Digital Installation Instructions for gvSIG separately (PDF files). Both documents are also included with the installer provided above.

Source code

This download contains an archive of the source code used to build gvSIG OADE 2010.

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Our customized installer software has been built using the Bitrock Installbuilder under an open source source project license, generously provided by Bitrock.


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University of Bern (Switzerland)

Near Eastern and Mediterranean Archaeology