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UPDATE: This software is now part of gvSIG OADE 2010 and comes with the integrated GRASS GIS modules (v.crossbones)!



We are pleased to release an updated version of the great little Crossbones tool.

Originally developed by  Leif Isaksen for Oxford Archaeology, Crossbones is both an efficient method and a smart bit of software that makes rapid surveying and visualisation of dense skeletal assemblages a snap.

This slightly updated version also includes a GRASS GIS implementation which allows users to directly create 3D GRASS GIS models and export data to  a variety of formats. We recommend using GRASS' convenient v.out.vtk module and exporting models to the versatile VTK format. A wide range of the most powerful 3D viewers, such as ParaView, VisIt and MayaVi all support VTK format files. The images below were created with ParaView and VisIt.

Images two and three are stereo anaglyphs. The first can be viewed using red/blue stereo glasses, the second is for red/cyan glasses and
preserves some colour information.

Download the Java and GRASS GIS applications and source code here. The archive also includes some documentation and sample data.



Crossbones 3D view

Crossbones 3D view

Crossbones red/cyan anaglyph