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Find#GRP #Site sub divPiece #MLMWMThCommentsColourCategoryRaw materialTypeClassificationGridsquareKnapping GroupSample AreaµwearProt.ResidueRaw mat.sourcIllustr.?Drawing#WeightShapeRecycled mat.?% cortext remain.# Blade scars# Flake ScarsMainten.?Discard feat.Peb.Flint:Original SizeFlaked Peb:discard reasonFlaked Peb:# flakes removedCortex typeExtent from platformBipolar working stageRed.StagesStageScar orientationPlatformPlatform prep.Platform feat.Max blade scar LMax blade scar WMax flake scar LMax flake scar W
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1,173 records in total.Out of which 820 are unique records.
 90410.01009.00190410Stainton West123.1017.208.80flat piece worked on ...(see all)BrownFlaked lithicGQB/ChertCoreAmorphous core40113.00flatfalse013falseSize00plane of intersectionUnpreparedMarked negative bulb11.3014.60
 90410.01013.00190410Stainton West1blade and flake core ...(see all)BrownFlaked lithicChertCoreCore fragment4011fragmentfalse00partial unifacialUnprepared
 90455.00008.00190455Stainton West113.3019.109.00small core fragment, ...(see all)BlackFlaked lithicChertCoreCore fragment31711.00fragmentfalse< or c. 25%3false00not present

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