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Find#GRP #Site sub divPiece #MLMWMThCommentsColourCategoryRaw materialTypeClassificationGridsquareKnapping GroupSample AreaµwearProt.ResidueRaw mat.sourcIllustr.?Drawing#WeightSurvivalRet. pos.Ret. typeInvasive ret.Inverse ret.?Area descµlith ret. pos.Rh proximal scalene?Lh distal scalene?L-R shoulderedLong Oblique Edge Parallel to the Long Basal Edge?Shape of short oblique edgeCross sectionShape in planBidir. Blunting µliths?Utilised edgeUse glossUnmod. typeSub classif.
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2,465 records in total.Out of which 2,459 are unique records.
 90455.01020.00190455Stainton West1proximal fragment blunted ...(see all)GreyFlaked lithicP/FlintMicrolithMicrolithic fragment1Proximalright lateralbluntedblunted on the right ...(see all)triangular
 90457.01010.001Stainton West1<90243> <2mm ...(see all)BlackFlaked lithicChertRetouched BladeAwl/Borer1538right lateralbluntedawl
 90465.01001.001Stainton West110.503.501.50sample 90249 <2mm ...(see all)GreyFlaked lithicGQB/ChertMicrolithScalene triangle2682Allall roundbluntedblunted on both oblique ...(see all)lefttriangular
 90470.01002.00190470Stainton West1<90270> <2mm ...(see all)WhiteFlaked lithicTuffMicrolithMicrolithic fragment8647Proximalright lateralbluntedblunted on the right ...(see all)triangular
 90521.01007.001Stainton West114.504.902.50blunted on the long oblique ...(see all)WhiteFlaked lithicTuffMicrolithScalene triangle8097Allall roundbluntedblunted on all three ...(see all)trueleft

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