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SampleContextCTX groupEntityTrenchCPR Typecpr_sub_typeCPR sub-typeColloquial NameCountScaleEnvironmentAnalysed
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392 records in total.Out of which 141 are unique records.
901490269039House 1Charred CropIndet cereal grainsIndet cereal grains10true
901490269039House 1Charred Weed SeedsCaryophyllaceaeCaryophyllaceaepink family3Broadtrue
901490269039House 1MatrixMatrixCharcoal4.00true
901490269039House 1Charred Weed SeedsStellaria media (L.) ...(see all)Stellaria media (L.) Vill.common chickweed1Cultivatedtrue
901490269039House 1Charred ChaffHordeum sp rachis node ...(see all)Hordeum sp rachis node/internodebarley1true
901490269039House 1Charred CropIndet cereal grain fragmentsIndet cereal grain fragments2.00true
901490269039House 1Charred Weed SeedsStellaria graminea L ...(see all)Stellaria graminea L.lesser stitchwort2Grasslandtrue
901490269039House 1Charred ChaffTriticum spelta glume ...(see all)Triticum spelta glume basespelt wheat2true
901490269039House 1Charred Weed SeedsPoaceae 2 to 4mmPoaceae 2 to 4mmgrass family4Grasslandtrue
901590309039House 1Charred CropHordeum spHordeum spbarleyfalse

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