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SampleContextCTX groupEntitySpeciesTrenchQuantityMin depthMax depthDepth range
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128 records in total.
510145102651005Hadrian's Wall55B2104105104-105
510155104151005Hadrian's Wall113 Sporomiella1949594-95
510215104151005Hadrian's Wall207 Glomus1343534-35
510235102651005Hadrian's Wall207 Glomus1454645-46
510235102651005Hadrian's Wall55B3454645-46
510235102651005Hadrian's Wall368 Podospora4454645-46
702967031470300Later Neolithic organic deposit368 PodosporaBay D1293029-30
7029670315Earlier Neolithic alluvium, Earlier Neolithic organic deposit4 Anthostomella fuegianaBay D1474847-48

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