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SampleContextCTX groupEntityTrenchLithologyPollen recoveryLocal envRegion envSalinityMin depthMax depthDepth range
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206 records in total.
5104351001Brown silt with rootletsModerateMeadown/Field with grasses ...(see all)Insufficient pollenTerrestrial565-6
5104351060Grey silt with charcoal ...(see all)GoodAlder woodland; open ...(see all)Mixed woodlandTerrestrial102103102-103
5105051055Hadrian's WallRed sandy clay with stonesPoorInsufficient dataInsufficient dataInsufficient data303130-31
5105051056Grey borwn clayPoorInsufficient dataInsufficient dataInsufficient data606160-61
7050770474Bay ODark humic silty clay ...(see all)GoodGrass with evidence of ...(see all)Mixed woodland.Terrestrial454-5
7050770500Bay OPeaty clayGoodGrass with evidence of ...(see all)Mixed woodlandTerrestrial9109-10
7050770475Bay ODark grey silty clay ...(see all)GoodWet meadow with evidence ...(see all)Mixed woodlandTerrestrial242524-25
705077047670465Bronze Age alluviumBay OGrey minerogenic clay ...(see all)GoodSedges and grasses with ...(see all)Mixed woodlandTerrestrial, possibly ...(see all)394039-40
705077048170465Bronze Age alluviumBay OPale clay/silt with charcoalGoodAlder woods with stands ...(see all)Mixed woodlandTerrestrial with damp ...(see all)646564-65
705077047770299Chalcolithic alluviumBay OBlack/Grey clay with ...(see all)GoodAlder woodland with grassy ...(see all)Mixed woodlandTerrestrial747574-75

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