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SampleContextCTX groupEntityTrenchLithologyPollen recoveryLocal envRegion envSalinityMin depthMax depthDepth range
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206 records in total.
705137048570095Bronze Age/Iron Age alluviumBay OPale grey silt with iron ...(see all)GoodAlder woodland with grassy ...(see all)Alder/Oak/Hazel woodlandTerrestrial282928-29
705137048690589Bay OPale grey silt with charcoalGoodAlder woodland with open ...(see all)Oak/Hazel woodlandTerrestrial313231-32
705137048870465Bronze Age alluviumBay OPale grey silt with charcoalPoorInsufficiernt pollen ...(see all)Insufficient pollen recoveryInsufficient pollen recovery404140-41
705137048470465Bronze Age alluviumBay OFine grey / orange sandPoorAlder woodland with grassy ...(see all)Mixed woodlandTerrestrial474847-48
702407031370299Chalcolithic alluviumBay DOrganic peaty clay silt ...(see all)GoodAlder/Hazel woodland ...(see all)Mixed woodlandTerrestrial9109-10
702407031470300Later Neolithic organic depositBay DWoody peaty clay siltGoodAlder/Oak/Hazel woodlandMixed woodlandTerrestrial343534-35
7024070315Earlier Neolithic alluvium, Earlier Neolithic organic depositBay DBrown peaty clay silt ...(see all)GoodHazel woodlandMixed oak/elm woodlandTerrestrial697069-70
702407031870302Mesolithic/Neolithic alluviumBay DOrganic clay silt with ...(see all)GoodHazel/Oak/Elm woodlandMixed woodlandTerrestrial949594-95
900939018290182Crumbly brown probable ...(see all)PoorGrassy areaAlder/Hazel woodlandDominantly terrestrial454-5
900939027590275Grey/orange mottled clay ...(see all)PoorInsufficient dataInsufficient dataInsufficient data192019-20

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