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SampleContextCTX groupEntityTrenchWPRwpr_botanicalWPR sub-type botanicalWPR sub-type colloquialCountScaleAnalysed
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1,695 records in total.Out of which 104 are unique records.
5100051020Potentilla erecta typefalse
5100151021Juncus spfalse
5100251022Juncus spfalse
5100251022Matrix: PlantAmorphous Plant Remains2false
5100351023Juncus spfalse
5100351023Matrix: PlantAmorphous Plant Remains2false
510045102451005Hadrian's WallAquatic and wet groundRanunculus flammula LRanunculus flammula LLesser spearwort62.00true
510045102451005Hadrian's WallAquatic and wet groundMontia L spMontia L spBlinks52.00true
510045102451005Hadrian's WallMatrix: MineralSand and gravel5true
510045102451005Hadrian's WallAquatic and wet groundIsolepis setacea (L) ...(see all)Isolepis setacea (L) R BrBristle club-rush92.00true

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