Welcome to the OA Digital website

OA Digital are committed to researching and providing cost-effective and reliable solutions for simple or complex applications and infrastructures.

Our range of services and research includes:

  • Digital work-flows, group-ware and office solutions.
  • On-site data capture and analysis using mobile devices.
  • Database systems.
  • Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) and Geoinformation Systems (GIS).
  • Data modelling, visualisation and quantitative analysis.
  • Information technology investment and migration strategies.

Please browse our Services & Solutions section for details on what we can offer you. Feel free to also take a look at our Research and Software sections, which contain free documents and software.


Check out our brand-new OA Digital Labs area for information about our latest developments!



Mobile data recording services available
Joseph Reeves - Thursday, 05 August 2010
OA Digital are pleased to announce that we have now begun offering comprehensive mobile data capture and review software for Android powered handheld devices and your choice of database back-ends. This service enables field workers to collect a variety of data, synchronise it with a central database and review records or...Read more...
GvSIG OA Digital Edition 2010 final released
Ben Ducke - Sunday, 11 July 2010
pic We are pleased to announced that the final release of gvSIG OA Digital Edition 2010, based on the upcoming gvSIG (http://www.gvsig.org) 1.10, is now available. Go to the gvSIG OADE 2010 release page (http://www.oadigital.net/software/gvsigoade) for downloads, documentation and support. This software represents nearly two years of commitment and investment in the gvSIG...Read more...
GvSIG OA Digital 2010 BETA 2 released
Ben Ducke - Tuesday, 23 February 2010
While we are preparing the final release of gvSIG OADE 2010, we have decided to release a 2nd Beta version of the software. This is so that users can immediately benefit from a number of important bug fixes and enhancements done since the release of the 1st Beta version. Among the most...Read more...
Portable GIS passes 2000 downloads
Joanne Cook - Tuesday, 09 February 2010
The Portable GIS package has passed its 2000th download, with almost half of those since the much-improved version 2 release. Portable GIS is developed as the personal project of OA Digital staff member Jo Cook (aka Archaeogeek (http://www.archaeogeek.com/blog/portable-gis/)) and is free to download for personal use, but is offered by OA...Read more...
GvSIG OA Digital 2010 BETA released
Ben Ducke - Wednesday, 16 December 2009
pic Today, we are please to provide (some) relieve for all open source GIS addicts. Following on the heels of the official gvSIG 1.9 (http://www.gvsig.gva.es/eng/gvsig-desktop/) release, we are preparing for the release of gvSIG OA Digital Edition 2010. A beta version is now available that includes all new features of gvSIG 1.9, a...Read more...